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Welcome to WebTheory

Updated on Jan 02, 2021

WebTheory is not just another CMS platform. We strive to be the web-superiority platform for the modern content creators who deserve much more from their web content platforms.

Welcome aboard!

To be a successful content creator, you need so much more than just the ability to create blog posts. For example, you need to actively build your audiences, manage social media accounts, run newsletters, syndicate feeds, optimize search engine performance and do so much more.

At WebTheory, we have taken it on to ourselves to make this journey super easy for you.

We bring to you a web-superiority platform that is way advanced from other CMSes - with support for integrated and powerful modules, analytics, social integration, media management, CDN, AMP, SEO and many more.

Thank you for helping us with beta testing

We are truly indebted to you for helping us out on the beta testing of our product. In this phase, we will churn out new updates quite often that will contain both bug fixes and new features. Feel free to reach out to us when you need any help or you are stuck anywhere.

Finally, enjoy building delightful contents and successful site using WebTheory.

- From WebTheory Team

PS:  Spread the love and word about us to the world!


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